Hello World

Hello World,

Thank you for visiting my website. I hope that my art inspires you, stirs a memory, an emotion, or a sense of wonder!

Since much of my current artwork draws inspiration from water, as a Floridian, I feel it is my obligation to help protect and restore Florida’s waterways for future generations to appreciate. A portion of proceeds from all sales of my art will be donated to START “Solutions To Avoid Red Tide”, a non-profit organization formed in response to the devastating red tide blooms. START is working to reduce excess nutrients in our waterways that feed red tide across Florida. Their mission is advancing education, awareness, and scientifically-supported solutions to restore and protect marine ecosystems and our way of life. Please join me in raising awareness and supporting marine conservation.

Never take for granted a breathtaking Florida sunset. Savor it, blow the conch, share in a toast with friends and loved ones.